Commercial Window Film

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Commercial Window Films

Commercial Window Film: Colorado Springs, CO

Glass exceeds 25% of most retail, office and apartment buildings. The transfer of heat from the outside in warmer months and heat through inefficient windows during winter months can increase heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. Advanced Window films will help reduce the cost to heat and cool a building with a minimum of expenditure, typically recaptured in short time. Colorado Springs, Colorado has a variety of weather and you need all the protection and efficiency you can get! 

An investment in window film helps contain energy costs, enhance the appearance of your commercial building. Southwest Sun Solution technicians have over 25 years experience installing protective films and laminates and our supplier/partners produce the finest window films in the world for many different types of applications. Our warranty speaks for itself. Commercial window tinting carries a 12 year warranty and commercial grade film can last and perform for 20 years and longer. 

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits:

    Reduced Energy Costs and Increased Efficiency

Commercial solar films have proven to lower energy bills saving money every month of the year. During summer months, solar films keep indoor temperatures pleasantly cool by rejecting up to 79% of total solar energy and allowing light to come in without the need for shades. 

When winter arrives, heat naturally escapes through glass and increases heating costs. Installing solar film reduces this heat loss with the insulating factors provided by nano particles of metal or ceramic manufactured into window films in combination with dual pane insulated window. So through any season, solar window film is reducing energy consumption by as much as 15%-30%.

    Improved comfort and Glare Protection

Dual reflective films block the sunlight entering through the glass, by reflecting the glare, reducing heat gain and providing a comfortable environment. Glare reduction films have a shiny exterior surface that reflect sunlight during the day and artificial light at night. These films reflect the sun rays away from window frames of a building and filter out the light that can be unpleasant. In business offices, it may become hard for employees to concentrate on their work when light reflections fall on computer screens and presentation boards. 

    Safety & Security

Security films (also available with solar qualities built in) can give additional safety for commercial buildings that may be exposed to vandalism, terrorism attacks and break-ins. They act as a critical measure to protect buildings from criminal entries and explosive blasts, by adding an additional layer of assurance. These films will make the building a less accessible target, as they hold the glass in place. The United States Military and the Corp of Engineers mandate in architectural plans that all buildings on those government locations must be installed with fragmentation film so this should tell us something, it works! 

Installation of security films will greatly reduce the risk of glass injuries to office personnel and customers since flying shards of glass do not occur. The film once installed is then battened down at the edges with either a batten system or a special caulking by 3M that creates a barrier and adds flexibility to the window unit for any breaks or concussion events. Security film is now widely used not only for intrusion by criminals, but also for protecting life and property against the most extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, hail storms, tornadoes and earthquakes. By planning ahead, you are adding assurance that any catastrophe is minimized and protects lives and property. An excellent investment during uncertain times we live in. 

    Enhanced Appearance

With a splash of color or a crisp mirrored finish, commercial window films add an extra elegance to any building exterior, storefront or restaurant, regardless of the architectural design. The wide variety of window film coloring and patterned treatments of these window films can provide a sleek look to commercial property. For facilities like fitness centers, car dealerships or tech-related businesses there are sleek, metallic-looking window films that can complete the exterior design of buildings. For more subtle places like churches or daycare centers, window films can provide a softer look, allowing the light to shine through, yet maintaining the needed privacy. With these films, older buildings can have modern facades and an overall contemporary appearance. Commercial window films drastically change a building’s appearance by making it more aesthetically attractive and unique. There is a complete selection of films available in different shades, finishes, and hues that enhance the existing glass by complementing the original architectural building design. They also provide optimal clarity and reflective qualities for the incoming light.

How does solar film work:

Practically invisible when installed, window films reject & reflect high levels of solar heat – offering you strong protection against bothersome glare, uncomfortable hot spots, and uneven temperature fluctuations.

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