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Residential Window Films

    Energy Savings

Window film starts working as soon as applied, it reflects up to 92% of heat and controls home temperature. Window film allows to cut energy costs year after year and make the home atmosphere more comfortable and inviting. In summer, solar window film can reject heat up to 80% of total solar energy and reduce air conditioning expenses, by providing greater temperature balance and control. And in winter, this solar window film will retain internal heat and lower energy consumption, and as a result, heating costs. Installing this window film will improve the overall household energy efficiency and comfort. The positive difference will be experienced immediately, as with the installation of the window films, it will be possible to live and work without the need to cover the windows to block the excessive solar heat and glare.

    UV and Fading Protection

Unfiltered sunlight causes fading to any object it hits including furniture, drapes, and flooring when it penetrates through window glass. It can also be harmful to eyes and skin and may accelerate skin’s normal aging process, contributing to wrinkles and skin cancer. Most high performance films provide very effective UV protection of 98% or higher which virtually eliminates damage to interior property and promotes better health.

    Residential Safety

Safety and security window films prevent forced entry since windows and doors are the most vulnerable places in offices and residential areas. As the most targeted parts, windows are easily broken and accessible by criminals. When a window has an installed security film, the window glass stays in place when a break-in is attempted. Family and property safety is extremely important, therefore the installation of window films can reduce the chances of forced entry and add an extra safety level. Alarms and security systems may not be fully effective in protecting the area against an experienced and determined intruder. Window film has maximum resistance to high impact blows and serves as an impassable barrier, even when it is hit with heavy equipment. Therefore installing a window film is an effective measure against break-ins and other accidents.


Window films give your home the needed privacy and unique look, without the additional structural changes and window glass replacements. With window films, it is possible to customize the window glass design or choose from the existing ones that meet the owner’s needs. These films offer the opportunity of customizing the window designs that match the home interior. They add style, elegance and privacy, by blocking neighborhood view from outside and contributing to the bathroom privacy.

The Mercury is Rising – And so is Your Energy Bill

Summer is almost a universally happy time of year for most people. Almost. The sunshine, long days and warm nights. The cookouts with friends and family. The vacations to the beach, mountains or lake. The sound of the bat – or the beer – cracking at the ballpark. The familiar and delightful sights and sounds of summer are upon us. You can almost feel your energy and excitement increase, but something else is increasing too – your energy bill. Along with other additional summer expenses – vacations, summer camp for the kids, filling up your tank for that long road trip – the cost of keeping your home cool in the summer months can be downright crippling. Your energy bill, depending on where you live and how much you use, can double or triple in summer. And with most energy providers holding a monopoly on service, you can’t really shop around for better prices. There are, however, steps you can take to soften the financial blow while keeping your house cool.

Solar Gard home window films are a great way to create better climate control in your home, lowering your energy bill and saving you money that otherwise would just fly out the window, so to speak. Window films do more than save money, though. Here are four reasons to install a Solar Gard window film in your home this summer:

Reduce Costs 

Solar Gard window films can help reduce your energy bill up to 30 percent year-round – significant relief for any homeowner. Window films help keep your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, so you’ll rely less on cranking up the heat or air conditioning to achieve a comfortable temperature. Depending on the size of your home, that could mean a lot of money saved. Find out just how much using our Solar Sense™ calculator.

Stay Cool

Summer is great, but it can get really uncomfortable when it’s too hot. Sure, we don’t mind spending the day outside under the blistering sun if it means we’re having fun, but having relief from the heat is paramount too. Like an umbrella at the beach, window films will help you stay cool at home. Summer Solar Gard window films, like the Ecolux™ Low-E, reject heat by keeping out more than 50 percent of the sun’s energy out – but allowing 68 percent of its natural light in, so you won’t be in the dark.

Limit the Fading of Furniture

The sun is incredibly powerful. Our entire planet is habitable because of the sun – and could theoretically become uninhabitable because of the sun as well. That’s an existential issue for more scientific minds to ponder, but overexposure to the sun can be dangerous not only to people but your furniture as well. Sun exposure can quickly deteriorate your furniture investment by fading it beyond recognition – and it doesn’t take long. By substantially decreasing harmful rays from the sun, Solar Gard window films can keep your furniture looking as bright and new as it did that day you bought it.

UV Protection

Ultra Violet (UV) rays are the most dangerous part of the sun’s energy. UV rays are largely responsible for sunburns, skin damage, and even skin cancer. Suffice to say, it’s best to limit your exposure to UV rays – and not just when you’re outdoors. Glass windows allow UV rays to pass through to your home virtually unencumbered. Solar Gard window films block 99 percent of UV rays, without blocking out the sun’s light. It’s the equivalent to SPF 285 sunblock – about 10 to 15 times stronger than the average sunblock you buy at the store.

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