Safety & Security Film

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Safety & Security Window Films

    Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen unexpectedly and the best way to protect a residential building or office is to secure it in advance. At the time of severe storms and high winds, window glass can be exceedingly vulnerable. In this kind of circumstances, window films can be very helpful and prevent serious injuries resulting from flying shattered glass. When an unprotected glass breaks, it shatters into sharp shards that can cause major damage to people and property. Tornadoes, hailstorms, windstorms, and hurricanes have become more frequent and stronger. By installing safety and security films you will mitigate the damage caused by such natural disasters by holding the window glass in place and hence, shield the persons/property from wind and wind-borne debris.

    Accident Prevention

Glass can become dangerous in everyday life as soon as it breaks and falls into countless sharp pieces. When there are children or pets at home, window breakage becomes more likely to happen and playing games with a ball may result in household accidents. Sharp shattered glass does not only fly in different directions, but it can be stepped on with bare feet. In such situations installing safety and security films can protect children and family members that love playing at home or in the backyard. It also provides the needed protection for carpeting and any flooring thus saving a customer on property damage. Having an extremely sturdy microstructure, these films reduce the hazard of broken glass by keeping the shattered pieces together. Safety and security films are designed to meet and exceed most building codes so that persons and property are well protected and meet all safety standards.

    Blast Mitigation

Many building owners have a primary concern of protecting their property from explosions and terrorist attacks, as it can cause significant damage to the property, as well as result in loss of life. In the case of such explosions, flying glass is usually the single greatest source of injury. Safety and security films function incredibly well in holding back the spray of shards and can keep the pane entirely within its frame. The most crucial characteristics of safety and security films in blast mitigation are their tear resistance and flexibility. This ability to resist tearing shows how effective these films are in protecting the occupants from sharp glass shards that may result from bomb blasts. Thus, safety and security films are necessary for blast mitigation and maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

    Security Against Crime

Safety and Security films are uniquely designed to be tear and penetration resistant and thus effectively prevent break-ins. Since the window films hold the glass in place, criminals are not able to easily smash it and enter the property. In such cases, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the window, and the property inside remains undamaged and is not exposed to theft. The selection of the best window film for a building depends on the type and location of glass and the required level of security against forced entry. The solutions are generally categorized by the level of protection they provide and when applied, these films are bonded to the window frame and make the entry extremely difficult.


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